UPcyclity® a new on-line global community where those who practice Upcycling can meet, communicate and e-commerce together!

UPcyclity® is developing UPcycled City┬« an innovative marketplace for upcycling Artisans seeking to sell their wares and for consumers (Upcycleteers) seeking to buy upcycled products. UPcyclity® will also share articles, environmental news and DIY projects to all those seeking to minimize our environment waste as we create a virtual Craft market for Artisans who Upcycle and their customers.

Upcycling allows people to think of new, innovative and creative ways to re-purpose, not only material waste and discards, but still functional items into new products with a higher value.

Our Mission is to create a global community for all those seeking a more sustainable world by innovatively repurposing waste or discarded materials into new useful products of a higher value. We are dedicated to social, ethical and environmental responsibility for all our stakeholders.

We invite all those interested in Upcycling to join our new online community.

   •  Artisans, by registering, can reserve a space in our Artisan directory in order to market
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   •  Upcycliteers® are welcome to register and become part of the UPcyclity® community.

It is really easy for you to register by providing us with the information requested below in an email to join@upcyclity.com. (Please put the word "Join" in your email subject line.)

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Upcycling three dimensional products from one dimensional waste™